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First off I’d like to thanks nastyratched for the awesome banner and ellegrenaway for let me use her post from Elle Week for this.

So after having a blast participating in #elleweek, I got inspired to do a similar week for Alex Blake. I feel like Blake is as much an unloved and unappreciated character as Elle and plus now that she’s gone I think an Appreciation Week would be the perfect tribute to her. I also feel like there isn’t a lot of Blake love on my dash so this is a great way of people who love Blake to come together and appreciate her. Along side the theme below, Jennifer will be posting Blake moments at CMMs. So mark the dates on your calenders! From the 10th to the 16th August there will be a week of love for Blake expressed through gifs, edits, picspams and more! 

  • [Day One, Monday 10th] Favorite Episode - this can be Blake centric or Blake related it’s up to you, you have 2 seasons worth of material to choose from.
  • [Day Two, Tuesday 11th] Favorite Moment - pick a Blake moment that really important to you and show her character in full glory or a moment that you just like.
  • [Day Three, Wednesday 12th] Favorite Quote - I always felt Blake had some of the sassiest one liners so for today go ahead and pick your favourite Blake quote!
  • [Day Four, Thursday 13th] Favorite Relationship - during her short stay at the BAU, Blake got to know everyone very well and had very close relationships with JJ, Reid and Rossi. So pick your favourite canon or non-canon relationship for Blake and make something dedicated to it.
  • [Day Five, Friday 14th] Favorite Character Trait(s) - there are a lot of words you could use to describe Alex Blake - pick a couple and make/do something revolving around them. If you need help selecting one this page has a giant list of traits to keep you company for a while.
  • [Day Six, Saturday 15th] Underappreciated Moment - When we think of what Blake, we probably all have scenes that stick out in our heads for whatever reason. What about the lesser remembered ones, the smaller yet touching/funny/cute/etc things we saw on screen but were promptly ignored? Today we try and find a moment we just want to give more love to - it could be another favorite scene that you didn’t do on the second day or it could be something she did or was a part of you want to see on tumblr because you never do find it on your dash.
  • [Day Seven, Sunday 16th] Free For All - Today is the day to go wild and make whatever you want. A graphic? A fanfiction? Something else? You get to choose the focus of the final day.

Finally, so everyone can see what you do, #blakeweek is a place to find everything. I shall be tracking the posts there and you yourself will be able to find things in there to reblog. If you tag your posts, make sure your #blakeweek tag is in the first five tags otherwise it won’t show up in the tag and we wouldn’t want that! If you are participating, I would appreciate it if you reblogged this post just so I know who is going to be joining in with the fun. It also spreads the word so we can get more love for this character who is deserving of it. If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

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I should really set up a queue for while I’m at band camp. I haven’t posted all day and I feel really bad.